Facial Skin Care Recipes

Homemade Facial Skin Care Recipes

In today’s beauty-conscious society, women have so many options to choose from when it comes to the means of looking physically perfect. They can choose in the variety of treatments and products that promise appealing, yet oftentimes superficial, beauty benefits.

But you see, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money just to have a smooth and flawless skin. Availing different kinds of treatments and beauty products to make your skin look healthier and younger is vey expensive, especially if your budget is only limited. Why spend thousands of dollars in conventional beauty enhancement regimen when you can pamper yourself with natural skin care treatments at the comfort of your home?

Homemade skin care treatments as an alternative beauty regimen

If you are one of the gals who enjoy using natural concoctions as an alternative for expensive facial treatments and products, then homemade skin care is a perfect beauty option for you. Apart from the fact that homemade skin treatments are inexpensive compared to the ones offered at spas and salons, these treats are also sae and easy to do. It is also actually fun doing this type of beauty regimen, especially if you try it with friends. Homemade beauty treats also save you a lot of time as you no longer need to go the salon or spa for skin care treatments.

Must-try homemade skin care recipes

So if you haven’t tried any homemade skin care treatment before, the following are some of the widely known natural skin care recipes that are worth checking out:

1. Facial mask – cucumber/honey/oatmeal

For a must-try natural skin care moisturizer, one of the most popular homemade treat is the facial cucumber/honey/oatmeal mask. What you need are the following ingredients:

* One to two teaspoons of uncooked oatmeal
* One tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil
* ¼ pureed or mashed cucumber
* One tablespoon of organic honey

You need to mix all the ingredients together until a thick paste is formed. You can add additional olive oil if you prefer a thinner texture. After mixing all the ingredients, you can gently apply the mask to your face, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with tepid water.

2. Egg white whitening mask

Now for a natural whitening skin care treatment, what you ought to try is the egg white mask. The following are the ingredients you need for the mask

o One tablespoon honey
o One slightly beaten egg white
o Two tablespoon unflavored gelatin mix

In this particular natural skin care mask, you have to lightly beat the egg white until it becomes frothy. Next is to mix the gelatin and honey together, then add to egg white. After mixing all the ingredients together, you can then apply the mask on your face, and wait for 15 minutes before rinsing with tepid water.

3. Banana yogurt natural skin care mask

If you have a lot of bananas in your kitchen, then try concocting a banana yogurt mask for a natural skin care treatment. Below are the ingredients you need:

o ½ mashed ripe banana
o One tablespoon organic honey
o One tablespoon wheatgerm
o One tablespoon whole milk, plain yogurt

Once you have all the ingredients, you need to mix them all together. Apply to the face, then wait for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with tepid water.

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Physical Well Being Meditation

Well Being – The Missing Ingredient For Today’s Entrepreneur

Well-being is commonly used in philosophy to describe what is ultimately good for a person. Well- being is both subjective and personal.

I am so fortunate to work daily with successful, talented and passionate business owners! They are driven, have vision, work ethic and a strong moral compass. Far too often, their extreme business focus has left them unbalanced and often unhealthy. The affects are everywhere, in their relationships, their environment, and their finances and yes even their beloved business. Everyone around them sees the tired eyes with dark circles, the extra weight, not to mention the stressed out, adrenaline crazed look on their face.

Yes, we all see it, the employees, customers, the spouse, the children, and yours truly the business coach. In a very dignified way, my clients share their full schedules and often dialogue with me for strategic time saving techniques. Behind the words, the pragmatic tone, the professional guise, it seems as though they are really saying “please, I cannot take one more thing, I am exhausted, spent, when is it my time? HELP I need space”. Through the telephone, I seem to be able to hear the quiet desperation behind each business conversation.

Maybe not the first call or even the first month but it isn’t long before I go there. “Tell me about how you take care of yourself?” or “How do you re-energize and stay focused”? I say. A loud silence follows then a muffled stutter “Well I took my kids to the zoo last month, ummm I guess I get my energy from work, ummm, that’s all I seem to do?” long sigh.

Remember these are highly intelligent, powerful and successful people, so of course, their employees do not say anything. Ditto for their spouses…maybe a thoughtful friend says a word or two about possibly needing time off but no one really says what everyone is thinking…take time off, you look awful, or even better you than me!

I understand. I really do, I own a small business too. The to-do list is never ending! Add to that the value we place as a society on self-sacrificing hard work, making money, getting ahead. Even the value “family first” can leave a well-meaning person left feeling drained.

We all know we need to move our bodies and eat well to thrive physically. Add to that prayer or meditation for your spirit and mind. Let us not leave out loving relationships for our emotional well-being. So why is well–being seemingly expendable? Is the payoff worth the cost?

Each call I chip away at my hard working clients…getting them to take time off here and find some space there. Maybe they decide to go for a morning walk or stop drinking soda. Sometimes they just need permission from someone and make dramatic changes on their own. Always, Always, Always it elevates their business in both profit and productivity.

If you recognize yourself here, I ask that you use the same intelligence, creative spirit and drive that you used to start your business and take care of yourself. Trust that other entrepreneurs have taken the well-being challenge as well and have greatly improved their businesses but more importantly their lives!

Alicia Fruin
Business Coach

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